Text 7 Jul 4 notes It. Is. Not. Hockey. Season.

Your, yes your, Pittsburgh Pirates are in first place. They will go into the All-Star break in first place.

But what do I keep seeing on my dash? Hockey! THE SEASON IS OVER, PEOPLE! All of these signings are just people in suits shuffling papers at other people in suits.


Maybe you’re too young to realize it, but there was a time when the Pirates¬†were¬†all that mattered. Even when they were worse than they had ever been these last 20 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Pens. I loved my Pens when they were nothing but a stomping victim for the Islanders year in and year out way back when.


It hurts when people who claim to love all Pittsburgh sports post one picture of Andrew McCutchen, while posting dozens of pics of guys who aren’t even part of the Pens organization anymore. And where’s Alex Presley? Neil Walker? Garrett Jones? All missing in action.

We saved you seats on the Bucco bandwagon long ago, because you’re from here. Get with the program. Jump on board.

Rant over. :D

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